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Exclusive Wise Whiskers Pet Club 

Limited Spaces!

Your pet's health journey is a complex and unique experience.  Happy's Vet has a mission -to Empower Pet Owners with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions
Because Every Pet Deserves a
 Happy and Healthy Life.

Wise Whiskers Pet Club

Wise Whiskers Pet Club offers a novel approach to managing senior pets' chronic conditions.  

Through monthly payments, Wise Whiskers provides affordable, innovative, personalized care without vet visits.  Club members save over 20% in annual veterinary expenses.  Services include custom plans by a veterinarian, an annual house call with a veterinarian, regular home health visits by experienced veterinary technicians, discounts and home delivery of medications, mobility management, nutritional plans, regular virtual consultations, and 24/7 smart collar monitoring.  Book a discovery call to join!

Wise Whiskers Benefits

Senior dog running without pain
  • Initial House-call with an experienced veterinarian

  • Senior Lab Work: 

    • Complete Blood Count

    •  Comprehensive Chemistry

    • SDMA

    • Thyroid Hormone

    •  Urinalysis

    •  Heartworm and Tick-Borne Disease Testing

    • Routine Fecal Parasite Testing

  • Monthly Home Health Visits with an Experienced Veterinary Professional 

    • Choose from mobility treatments 

      • Adequan Injection Series

      • Solensia Monthly Injection

      • Librela Monthly Injection

      • Options for Proheart injections and vaccinations may be scheduled 

  • Medications and Diets Delivered to your Door!

  • Exclusive Discounts on Medications!

  • Exclusive Digital Content!

  • Monthly Private Live Hosted Webinar with a Veterinary Professional and Live Q&A sessions

  • Private Community of Pet Owners of Senior Pets

Discover the Difference

Book a free discovery call today to learn more about how Wise Whiskers can enhance your pet's life.  Wise Whiskers pets and their owners must be a good fit for home health visits.  

Each Membership is tailored to your pet and the cost depends on the individual pet's size and needs of the pet.  Each pet in a health club will be fitted with a smart collar by Maven and the results will be monitored daily by a veterinary professional to track your pet's response to treatment and monitor for changes in their health. 


The monthly cost varies depending on the medications and size of the pet.  The monthly cost represents a 20-25% savings over ordinary annual costs and is spread out over the year so that caring for a chronically ill pet is more affordable.  A commitment is required but we don't believe in holding our clients in a cage if they want to be free!


Happy's Vet does not provide urgent, emergency, or non-scheduled end-of-life services.  Patients who require specialized testing, or surgery will be referred to a third party for those services.  

Dr. Jones and her team are dedicated to providing exceptional care with a personal touch.

We value transparency and clarity in our services. Let us guide you through the process and answer all your queries in our discovery call.

Happy's Vet Empowers Pet Owners

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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