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A visit to the veterinarian is stressful and expensive.  It's more than just the cost of care, it's the time lost from work, time spent chasing your cat or convincing your dog to get in the car.  There is time spent in a waiting room with sick or excitable pets.  It is stressful for your pet and you.    At Happy's Vet, we understand.  So sit back and relax and we will come to you!

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Educational materials on this page are written by an experienced veterinarian especially with a pet owner in mind. 


The information in this page is not a substitute for personalized veterinary care.

Sort out the supplement questions, diet confusion and preventive medicine queries so that YOU CAN BE AN EMPOWERED PARTNER in your pet's life. 

Because all Pets Deserve a Happy Life!

Just Ask Happy - he will tell you!

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