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Communication Philosophy:  Focused Attention on Pets, Not Phones

At Happy's Vet, we believe that clear and effective communication is crucial to quality medical care.  We are dedicated to providing in-depth, personalized medical care directly to you. To maintain the high standard of our services, we have a streamlined communication approach that aligns with the needs of our modern clientele. By limiting 100% of our communication outside of the medical encounter to the digital form, we find we can offer a higher quality face time and we can take better care of our patients and clients.

Our small team of medical professionals follows a strict No Phone Calls During Appointments policy so that we are focused on your pet and the safety of you, your pet, and our team.  Our administrative team prioritizes messages and we do our best to respond promptly.

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For clients considering Happy's Vet, please use contact us form on our website.  Your message will be addressed promptly by our team.  Please enter your physical address because this helps us know which services we may offer you.

Rest assured, that our clients will be provided with a more direct way to communicate with our medical team though it is not by telephone. Our approach is perfectly suited for those who prefer digital communication and understand the importance of focused, uninterrupted care for their pets.

Our approach to veterinary care relies on more consistent digital communication and creates more meaningful dialogue during our house calls and telemedicine consultations. Our clients are also always provided a copy of their medical records on the same day as their consultations.  In the event of an emergency with your pet, please contact an urgent or emergency veterinary hospital as our practice is not equipped for emergency response.  

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and respect for our communication policy. This approach is integral to the quality, transparency, and efficiency of the care we provide.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to providing exceptional veterinary care for your beloved pet.   Thank you for choosing Happy's Vet!

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