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Petting a Dog

Exclusive Pet Services Clubs

Give your pet the life they deserve! 

An innovative and cutting-edge

first-of-its-kind program! 

Custom healthcare plans built for your pet's chronic condition and delivered it to you in the comfort of your own home. 

Every Pet Deserves a Happy Life!

Ageing changes are gradual and our pets instinctively hide their pain which means that most pets do not receive treatment for their chronic conditions before they are advanced. Once a pet begins to show signs of poor mobility or mental confusion, their condition is already chronic.

Chronic conditions are not cured, they are managed. 

But many owners feel overwhelmed.

Wise Whiskers is more than just a treatment, its a network of support and knowledge to help owners take the best care of their pets in their golden years.

Did you know that more than 23 million households adopted a dog during the pandemic? 


People were at home and it was the perfect opportunity to train a puppy.  Fast forward a few years and those puppies are now adult dogs who are living in a very different situation than they were raised in. 


When their human family returned to work and they were left alone they became anxious and destructive.  Some lost their house training and became unhealthy.


The anxiety-stricken animals became known as COVID puppies and their owners have been frequent visitors to the vet.  The condition is called Separation Anxiety and it can be managed with training and medication but the condition is chronic and not generally cured.  Owners frequently feel overwhelmed and undersupported.  

Zen Paws Pandemic Edition offers a well-rounded approach to these pet's mental and physical well-being and offers a supportive network for their owners too.

Reportedly 20% of cats and dogs are affected by allergies and that means a LOT of itchy pets!  


Most are  allergic to pollen and environmental allergens and this is called atopy.  Some are allergic to fleas and mosquitoes and a few pets are allergic to their food.  

Pets with allergies suffer greatly from skin and ear infections and intense itchiness (dermatologic symptoms) or may suffer gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting, loose stool or lack of appetite.

Dermatologic and Gastrointestinal symptoms are the leading causes of sick veterinary visits for dogs and cats.  Since allergies are difficult to cure and often progress in severity over time, these chronic conditions must be managed diligently with regular treatments and meticulous care. 


Owners of pets with allergies are among the most frustrated and overwhelmed pet owners.

ScratchPack owners will be extremely relieved to have their pet's health monitored 24/7 and treatments delivered to their door.

Ten percent of all cats and dogs in the United States have heart disease which is millions.


The risk of heart disease increases with age, with up to 75% of senior pets having some form of heart condition and it is often silent until it is too late.   When it comes to heart disease, most owners do not know their pet has it.

Symptoms include exercise intolerance, weight loss, cough, heavy breathing, seizure, or a distended belly.  or loss of the feeling in the back legs.  It is tough on pet owners who know their pet has a heart condition because they live in fear that the disease will turn severe.  

Heart disease is not curable, but it can be managed with certain medications and requires very close monitoring.  Heart Hero Hub owners can breathe easier knowing that their pets will have 24/7 veterinary supervision and regular veterinary care!

Sweet Paw Syndicate

The number of dogs and cats who suffer from Diabetes Mellitus is on the rise.  Diabetes is a chronic condition that significantly impacts their quality of life and requires a committed ongoing effort from their owners.


Managing diabetes involves regular monitoring of blood glucose levels, administration of insulin, and meticulous dietary control. This can be daunting for pet owners, especially when they're new to the disease or when their pets show signs of complications.

Sweet Paw Syndicate integrates a smart collar and a non-invasive glucose sensor applied to the pet's skin for more precise management of the condition. Our goal is to empower pet owners with knowledge, tools, and community support, making the journey of managing their pet's diabetes a shared, more manageable experience. 

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