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​Happy's Vet offers Cutting Edge Convenience with Virtual Consultations

The role of virtual medicine is growing.  Historically, it has been severely limited by the lack of an in-person physical examination and direct access to patients by medical personnel.   Until now!  By pairing veterinary house calls, and home health visits by experienced veterinary technicians, a hybrid mobile/ virtual practice can provide more comprehensive care for pets.    All of our clients are welcome to book virtual consultations after a house call visit and examination have been performed.  Regular telemedicine consultations are included in all of our Concierge Pet Club memberships for pets with chronic conditions.  This more personalized and thorough approach to pets with chronic conditions such as those common in geriatric pets, overweight pets, diabetic pets, pets with anxiety, environmental, food, and seasonal allergies, heart disease, or kidney disease. ​Whether your pet has an ongoing condition or a new problem, ask Happy's Vet if a virtual consultation is right for your pet!

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