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Happy's Vet Provides Innovative Solutions to Managing Your Pet's Health 

Our Services are as unique as your pet!  ​

Imagine a veterinary service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations!  We offer personalized care delivered to you!  With convenient top-notch veterinary concierge-style medical visits,  innovative telemedicine services, and exclusive Pet Club Memberships, we ensure your furry friend's health is meticulously looked after.  From comprehensive house calls in Northern Saint Johns County, to exclusive Concierge Pet Clubs in the Greater Jacksonville area, to cutting-edge monitoring and treatments, Happy's Vet is designed to keep your beloved pets in peak health.  Dive deeper into our world where exceptional veterinary care blends with the warmth of personal touch, and discover how we redefine the pet care experience. Join us on a journey to elevate your pet's well-being. Let's embark on this adventure together   

When is a vet visit really fun?  When the Vet visits you!  Hospitals make everyone anxious! They smell like cleaning solutions, strangers, and scared pets and there is nothing worse than a R-I-D-E that ends at a clinic rather than the park.  And cats don't care how you spell car ride, they want none of it.

When it comes to healthcare, not every consultation is the same.  Especially for follow-ups and consultations for recurrent problems. You know the phrase, "This meeting could have been an email".  Well, sometimes, a visit with your veterinarian can be efficiently handled with a video call. 

Virtual appointments are available for:
      * Existing Happy's Vet Clients 

      * Pet Club members 


Qualifying Virtual Consultations
      Non-Urgent Clinical Questions

      Routine follow-ups
      Minor problems
      Recurrent Symptoms 
      Ongoing healthcare management
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Convenient Concierge Care

Happy's Vet features exclusive pet club memberships tailored for pets with specific health conditions that require more frequent veterinary visits. These comprehensive concierge-style care packages employ unique innovation, a diverse and personalized treatment, and in-depth remote monitoring and is supported by a team of veterinary professionals including DVMs and technicians that make it easier and less expensive to manage ongoing medical conditions like these:

      Allergies     Joint Pain    Cognitive Dysfunction    Anxiety   

Chronic Kidney Disease.  Heart Disease    Diabetes.   Weight Management

We Value Your Time!   

At Happy's Vet, we strive to use our time and yours efficiently.  You know your pet better than anyone, and you may notice a hundred things between vet visits but the appointment time comes and there is noise and stress and it's difficult to take your time when you are being rushed through an appointment. 

Enjoy a productive veterinary encounter with Happy Vet's medical staff.  A detailed pre-screening process and tools are available to record observations and communicate with your veterinary team between visits.  These processes ensure that your face-to-face at-home or virtual consultation with our expert veterinarians is productive. 

Reducing the Fear and Stress in Our Patients is a Top Priority!

At Happy's Vet, we deeply respect and value the bond you share with your pet. We strive to ensure every interaction with our team is positive and as Fear-Free as possible, even in a home environment where medical exams and procedures can be intimidating.


For the safety and comfort of Your Pet

   Low Stress Techniques:  We use proven gentle methods to minimize your pet’s stress and fear, including food or toy distractions, essential oils, pheromone sprays, and oral or injectable medications.
   Pre-Appointment Preparation: We ask for your help in preparing your pet, ensuring they are in a designated safe space for a smooth experience.
  No-Fear Aids: Soft muzzles, thunder shirts or cozy sacks are used routinely for safety and to reduce stress. We encourage pet owners to familiarize their pets with these aids, and our team can demonstrate proper use.

  Individualized Care: Each pet is assessed for fearful behaviors, and we create a Fear-Free plan for safe handling, which may include sedation for extremely fearful pets.


Your Role and Consent

   Owner Collaboration: Your involvement is crucial. Please inform us of any food allergies your pet has and consent to the use of Fear-Free aids and techniques in your home.
  Understanding Limitations: Some pets may not be suitable for in-home care if they are excessively fearful. In such cases, we recommend care in a clinical setting with more hands-on assistance.


Commitment to High-Quality Care

We are committed to providing high-quality care using Fear-Free practices. Understanding and cooperation from pet owners like you make this possible, enhancing the experience for everyone involved. Thank you for choosing Happy's Vet for your pet’s care.

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